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Updated 12/23/06

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In light of Eleanor's Hovda's death in November of 2009, Innova Recordings is planning a series of CDs of her work in the next few months. These discs shall be the first new recordings of Hovda's music (that I know of) for some time. I have no other information at this time, but will post it if any does come my way.

I regret to inform all those unaware that Eleanor Hovda passed away November 12, 2009 in Springdale, Arkansas. Please go to the link below dedicated to her memory.

I'm sorry that there have been no updates recently... I've been really busy. There are no new recordings of Hovda's music that I'm aware of, but I did find an interesting article in The Morning News of Northwest Arkansas from 3/31/2000. Just click on the link below to open/download the .pdf file.

Morning News of NW Arkansas, 3/31/2000

While you're here, be sure to check out the links to American Mavericks and Art of The States (see the Links page under Organizations). The former has a recorded interview with Eleanor Hovda that you can listen to via streaming audio, while the latter has streaming audio of 3 of Hovda's complete works (all available for free). It's great way to get to know this fascinating composer's music.

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