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Labels, Performers, Etc.

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Cassatt Quartet

The Downtown Ensemble

First Avenue

Kronos Quartet

Minneapolis Guitar Quartet

This is the ensemble that Hovda's "Armonia" was composed for.

North Arkansas Symphony Orchestra

Present Music

Princeton Composer's Ensemble

Prism, Inc.

Home of Prism Chamber Orchestra/Prism Players, who performed on the "Ariadne Music" CD.

Relache Ensemble

Rubin Quartet

Jack Vees

Labels and Distributers:

Albany Records

Arkiv Music/Albany Music Distributors

CRI-Composers Recordings, Inc.

This label sadly went out of business but some of their releases are still available through qualiton imports (see link below) or New World Records.

EMF-Electronic Music Foundation

Also the home of CDeMusic, where you can purchase lots of great music.

Frau Musica (Nova)

Innova Recordings

New World Records

O.O. Discs

This label appears to be defunct, but the site is still there and you can apparently still order the cds.

Qualiton Imports, Ltd.

World Edition

Label and distributer where the FRAU MUSICA (NOVA) 4CD set is available, as well as releases from both World Edition and other labels.


American Mavericks

Great radio show that has streaming audio and interviews of many American composers. Includes an interview with Hovda and a segment with Hovda discussing composer/performer Lucia Dlugoszewski. Hovda's music also gets some play on their online radio station(s).

Art Of The

Here you can listen to complete works via streaming audio by many American composers, including 3 pieces by Eleanor Hovda.

ComposersCollaborative Inc.

An organization that promotes new music composers and performers. It directs various projects, such as the Solo Flights series, which Hovda has been involved in (see the "Solo Flights" CD on CRI). 

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