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This discography includes all Hovda-related recordings that I am aware of. Listed first is the title of the release, followed by format (CD, LP, tape, etc.), label, year of release, and the catalogue #. Listed below in italics is the work(s) by Hovda and the other artists included on the recording (if applicable).

CDs featuring only Hovda's work:

Coastal Traces CD on O.O. Discs in 1998 (oo29)
Inlcludes Coastal Traces Tidepools 1, Shenai Sky, Record of An Ocean Cliff, Crossing In a Mountain Dream, Glacier Track, Glosses/Glacier, Beginnings, and Coastal Traces Tidepools 2.
Ariadne Music CD on O.O. Discs in 1998 (oo46)
Includes Onyx, Song in High Grasses, Snapdragon, Leaning Into and Away, and Ariadne Music.

Compilations that include music by Hovda:


A La Carte 2LP on Innova Recordings  in 1986 (Innova#4/MN#104 & 105)
Inlcudes Eleanor Hovda's "Spring Music With Wind", as well as music by Janika Vandervelde, Carl Bergmann, Michael Aubart, Monica Maye, David John Olsen, and Tristan Fuentes.
Bog Life: Unusual American Chamber Music on Longdivity Records in 1992
Self-released (???) by Kitty Brazleton on CDR (???). Includes Hovda's "Jo Ha Kyu", as well as music by Duke Ellington, Kitty Brazelton, William Billings, and Ruth Crawford.*
Cassatt CD on CRI (Composers Recordings, Inc.) in 1994 (CRI 671)
Includes Eleanor Hovda's "Leminscates", as well as works by Julia Wolfe, Andrew Waggoner, Daniel Godfrey, and Tina Davidson.
Minneapolis Guitar Quartet: New Works for Guitar Quartet CD on Albany Records in 1996 (#207)
Includes Eleanor Hovda's "Armonia", as well as works by Dacid Kechley, Leo Brouwer, Leslie Bassett, Naomi Sekiya, and Janika Vandervelde.
Relache Ensemble: Outcome Inevitable CD on O.O. Discs in 1996 (oo17)
Includes Hodva's "Borealis Music", along with works by Lois Vierk, Fred Wei-han Ho, and Robert Ashley.
Frau Musica (Nova) 4CD on Frau Musica (Nova) in 1998? (???)
Documentation of the "Festival for Contemporary Music" in Cologne, 1998. Includes Eleanor Hovda's "Leminiscates", along with music by Cecile Ore, Tran Kim Ngoc, Joelle Léandre, Lauren Newton, Myriam Marbe, Gabriela Ortiz, Anneli Arho, Meredith Monk, Maria de Alvear, Adriana Hölszky, Younghi Pagh-Paan, Graciela Paraskevaidis, Karin Rehnqvist, Julia Wolfe, Frangis Ali-sade, Ellen Fullman, Johanna M. Beyer, Maria Cecelia Villanueva, Pauline Oliveros, Sainkho Namtchylak,  and B'net Marrakshiat
Elizabeth Panzer: Dancing In Place CD on O.O. Discs in 1999 (oo56)
Includes Eleanor Hovda's "Dancing In Place", as well as works by Richard Einhorn, Wendy Chambers, Eve Beglarian, Kitty Brazelton, Gustavo Matamoros, and Elizabeth Panzer.
Composers Collaborative: Solo Flights CD on CRI in 2000 (CRI 864)
Inlcudes Hovda's "Spring Music With Wind", as well as music by Leopold Godowsky, Molly Thompson, John Zorn, Jed Distler, David Del Tredici, Ursula Mamlok, Robert Helps, Andrew Violette, Virgil Thomson, and Laura Kaminsky.
Zeitgeist: If Tigers Were Clouds... CD on Innova Recordings in 2004 (Innova 589)
Includes Hovda's "If Tigers were Clouds... Then Reverberating, They Would Create All Songs", along with works by Annie Gosfield, Yoko Ono, Beth Custer, Pauline Oliveros, Mildred Couper, Johanna Beyer, and Zeitgeist.
*About all the ???s here: This CD was supposed to be released by a label that went out of business. The site states that you can get it on cdr by contacting them via email. However, I have tried several times to do this, and have been unable to reach anyone with the email address provided. So this release may or may not actually be available.

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